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The liason between homeowner and helper

Hello, we're Yaardvark, a fully integrated lawn care platform just for you. Yaardvark handles all scheduling, communications, and payments between homeowner and worker, making landscaping a breeze. Post your first job today!

Up to 365 days/year

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, we are available to assist you with your outdoor chores. Just post a job, and we'll send a worker your way!

Local Workers

We believe uniting the community is the key to a succesful client relationship. We use Google's location services to keep things local!

Worker Reviews

Don't know who to hire? Our worker reviews will help you select the most qualified workers in your area.

It's Free

As a homeowner, you have access to our services for free! Still not sold? Register now and see for yourself!

How it works — Simple as 1, 2, 3

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Post a job to the local job board. This can range from mowing to mulching and more!


Receive applications from various workers in your community and hire who you feel is most qualified!


Exhange information and watch as your outdoor project turns from an idea into a reality.

Our Story

Yaardvark was started in the summer of 2015 when founder Will Armstrong, after three years of independent landscaping, found it challenging to find local “yard work” jobs in his area. After three years of independent landscaping, Will found it challenging to find local "yard work" jobs in his area. As a high school student, he also found it a struggle to find well paying jobs on a flexible schedule. As a result, he created Yaardvark as a way to match local students to local homeowners who need some help around the yard.

Within the first few months of operation, Yaardvark appeared on WKYC, WOIO, and in multiple landscaping articles. Within the first year of operation, Yaardvark successfully matched 50 jobs solely in Kirtland and Gates Mills, Ohio.

In 2017, massive improvements were made to the website after the addition of our development team. Yaardvark is on a mission to innovate and revitalize the landscaping industry. If you haven't already, we encourage you to join the community and give it a try!


Any size



Small Job

20% comission

Jobs between $10 - $250

Medium Job

15% comission

Jobs between $250 - $1,000

Large Job

10% comission

Jobs $1,000 and up

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The Yaardvark beta program will allow you to become one of the first Yaardvark users. This means it will have bugs, but we think that you will enjoy being on the cutting edge of Yaardvark development and being the first to gain access to new features. Yaardvark beta is currently closed to the public and is run on an invite-only basis. Please check blog.yaardvark.co for more information regarding the beta. Enter your information below to request an invite to the beta program.

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